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Many pets don’t have loving homes to stay in, and Happy Life Animal Rescue wants to remedy that. We are a foster-based pet rescue service that wants to find loving owners for all of the adorable pets in our care. We offer pet adoption to everyone in the Westchester County, NY, area, so check out our adoptable pets today

About Our Pet Adoption Services for Westchester County NY

We’re a non-profit organization that focuses on our pets. We rescue animals that are abused, neglected, victims of shelter overpopulation, or surrendered by their previous owner. Basically, when a pet is unwanted, we come in and make them feel loved. Our main goal is find forever homes for these furry friends. Whether you’re single and just want some company at home, a couple who wants a pet to bond with, or parents who wan ta pet for their children, we can help you. if you live in Westchester county NY we can help you find a new furry family member. We do our adoptions at the PetSmart In Mohegan Lake, in Westchester County NY. We have a wide range of dog sand cats, so make sure to check our available pets page to see which animal best fits your needs. If you want to take advantage of our pet adoption service today, fill out our adoption application to bring home your new family member as soon as possible. Besides the adoption fees, we run strictly on donations, so you can donate if you can’t adopt a pet at the moment, but you still want to help. Fill our contact form with any questions you may have.