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If you are interested in adopting, please read the information, below, and fill out an application. Be sure to visit our dogs and cats to see who is available for adoption!

To print an application, click the icon, below!

We do our best to match adopting families with a pet that is the best fit! Processing an adoption application may take a while, so we ask that you fill out an adoption application prior to an event (at least one week in advance). This gives us time to review the application and have you pre-approved for adoption, so you can take home your furry family member the day of the event! Adoptions are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. This means that if you are approved for adoption, the pet you wanted may have already gone to a loving home, but you are approved to adopt any animal that is still available for adoption.

Pre-approval before events is preferred. Events are first come first served.

**Adopting a pet is a big responsibility! Please consider the financial obligation that comes with your new family member, as well as necessary care and training. We ask that you take the dog or cat that you adopt into consideration when you move or experience any major life changes.

Adoption Application
If you rent your home we must have a letter from your landlord stating that you have their permission to have your newly adopted pet in the house.
Write N/A if you have not previously had a pet.