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Happy Life is committed to placing dogs and cats into their forever home. In order to do so we have an application process to try and make sure the animals end up in a good home.

Step 1: The Application

The First step in adopting for anyone is the adoption application. The adoption application is a straight forward process that collects basic information about potential adopters. Along with this we also ask for at least two personal references as well as a veterinary reference if the applying family has had or has any other pets in the home. We also will require to talk to your landlord if you do rent your home.

Step 2: Application Review

After submitting an application it will be sent to our application team. From here our application team will review your application and reach out if their is any missing info in your application. The Review period on average takes approximately 24-72 hours but can take longer during periods of high demand, our team is made up of volunteers and we try our best to get to everyone as fast as possible.

Step 3: Landlord Approval

If you do not own your own home we will need to check with your landlord that you are allowed to have a pet. This will be the first call made after your application has been submitted. We will also accept a lease agreement saying you can have pets emailed to your adoption coordinator after they reach out.

Step 4: Vet Check

Please Send us your pets current medical records. It is important to us to know that if you have or had any animals in the past that they were taken care of medically. For the new pet and your old pet we want to be sure that everyone is up to date on their shots we will not be able to move on with your application without this information.

Step 5: Personal Reference Check

At this point in the application we will be reaching out to your personal references to ask if they think you would be a responsible pet owner. Please let them know to expect a call from us as this is the part where most applications end up taking a long time.

Step 6: Approval and Attending an Event

If all checks out on your application your coordinator will send you an approval email inviting you to come meet the dogs available for adoption.

*During Current Covid Times* Everyone will need to have received a time slot. We will not be able to accommodate anybody without a time slot at this given time. To receive at time slot please sign up for the weekly emails in the adoption application.

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